Game Plan

6/19/2014 Koleen Hernandez 0 Comments

Game Plan

Fashion is my way of expressing myself and experimenting with different styles. I am very passionate about fabrics, business, selling and meeting new people. My game plan is to, one day, open up my own business and make it big in New York, first. Then, I would go national and hopefully, international. I know my dream is going to be near impossible and very hard but I know that I will study hard and work hard to do everything in my power to achieve this dream. 
The Lord has a perfect plan. It may not be what I have above but I know that it would be so much better than what I have in mind. 

These were shots from around 2 months ago. This white forever 21 dress is very comfy and matches almost anything. It's pretty basic and I love how it's simple. Oh, and it has this amazing texture. I tried to jazz it up with rings, brown leather bracelets and this old, vintage Pilota(?) bag. And, believe it or not, these sandals are my first pair in almost 10 years. I haven't owned one since I was like 5. 

(I'm gonna have waaaay more time to blog and hold photo shoots. Hit me up if you wanna hold one with me. 
I really wanna experiment with my photography too, I'm pretty bad. 
Please, please. If you have free time, just email me or somethin'. )

God bless!

Adventures await!

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