No-Comfort Zone

10/15/2015 Koleen Hernandez 0 Comments

It has been a whirlwind of happenings since I last posted and it's always nice to hold a photoshoot. I did that today while walking around the concrete jungle. Exploring is always good for maintaining sanity! (You even get to find out that all art galleries are closed on Mondays. I learned that the hard way.)

My style has lately been in the general area of white, black and brown. That's basically the color palette of my current wardrobe. This outfit, which you may have seen on my recent Instagram posts, is one that intertwines black and brown perfectly. It is possible to have these two dark shades compliment each other, especially with a touch of extra texture: fur, wool, suede, leather, etc. Here I brought in two textures: fur and suede. Suede is a subtle texture that never overpowers an outfit and is never "too much". Faux fur vest is also one of my current staples; It really elevates an outfit. I wear it too much now, although it hasn't been that cold recently. I actually got this vest from the Goodwill Thrift Store in West Village for $13, along with another Calvin Klein coat for $17. (Such good buys, I know!) 
Keep scrolling for an in-depth view on this outfit, and a little special tip below!

Recently, I've been stepping out of my comfort zone, with regards to my style. I wouldn't have come up with this outfit two months ago, but, today, I did.
Here's my little tip that I'd love to impart with you:
Dress up in your no-comfort zone

 We are all blessed with creative minds and I believe that we express it in different ways. For those who express it with their clothing, do it. No-comfort zone. Test yourself. Just try it and you'll be surprised when you let loose your minds. I'd love for you to show me what you come up with!

Go on, and create something! Into your no-comfort zone. I sure hope that I inspire my readers, no matter where you guys may be. (Definitely email me or insta message me!)

God bless!

Adventures await, 

Koleen Hernandez. 

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