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New York Fashion Week is one of the most, if not the most, important 
week in the fashion industry. It dictates the upcoming trends, what you'll soon be seeing on the racks and what would sell to the audience. 
It holds a great influence in the customers. 

I was watching a segment of the Fashion Week, through a live stream website.
I immediately fell in love with BCBG Maxazria's 2015 Fall Collection. 

Click on the link above and be just as amazed. 
I'm a lover of these colors, so I'm a sucker for his amazing line.
It goes from a whole palette of colors that really compliment the season. 
It goes from creamy white to gray to lighter neutral colors to darker neutral colors to colors closer to black and bits of colors that pop to, finally, a classic black.
This whole line was really put together and it stood as a whole line, not just individual designs that don't link together. 
There was a whole lot of smart layering, added with bits and pieces of texture and patterns that were solemn, but definitely made a great addition to the whole piece. 
The fabric was predominantly knit, but there were also fur, leather, lace, cotton, etc.

In the the photo above, the textures of leather and lace was combine to produce such an amazing piece. You don't see this combination often. I, for one, have never seen these two
pieces of fabric combined. The fur boots add another different texture to the piece and BCBG was just spot on. 

This one has got to be one of my favorites. This outfit will surely have much influence
on the trends this coming fall. The classic knee-high leather boots, the soft, neutral patterns, the color blocking of the dress. It's just perfect. Moreover, the perfect shade of blue from the dress and the scarf compliments the whole piece and elevates it. I'm just in love with this piece.

Throughout the whole line, you'd spot the soft pattern in several pieces. There was one overcoat with an electric blue twist and bright red, two with the same pattern as a dress. 

(By the way, the models' make up is on point. The neutrality of it compliments very well to several of the neutral colors of the pieces. It provides an effortless look, much like the effortless feel of the whole line of BCBG.)

The cream sweater with the white top under, paired with a straight cut ankle pants is very chic and effortless. The color combination is a classic, but the fabric and texture of the pants were nice twists to the piece. The consistent fur boots appear in this piece again, which looks divine.

This one is a favorite, as well. There are so many textures happening and it doesn't look chaotic. 
If anything, it looks simple and chic. The same texture from the previous photo appears again on the black part of the coat in this piece. The bright pop of pink and red is just effortlessly gorgeous. The skirt adds a fun flare to it too. 

This is, hands down, so beautiful and my absolute favorite out of all of them. 
The metallic features, the fur features, the color block dress and the pop of maroon in the scarf. What more can I say?

These last 4 pieces are from Zac Posen, Carollina Herrera and Veronica Beard respectively. 
They're too beautiful and, of course, I just had to share them.

Zac Posen
This was Posen's final piece to his whole line. Modeled by Naomi Campbell, this extravagant dress reminds me of something very extraterrestrial, yet it isn't crazy. The shape Posen has created is creatively amazing.

Carollina Herrera
Herrera has always been one for elegance and simplicity. She always knocks it out of the park, given the pieces she puts out. This is a simple white dress, yet it symbolizes all of what Herrera is. It's absolutely stunning.

Veronica Beard


The link shows a much better image of the piece.

Veronica Beard

Beard's pieces are examples of those outfits that are straight off the runway, but can be easily worn on the streets. These two contrasting Beard creations just show how creative this up-and-coming label is. Their aim to create a ready to wear collection is definitely true in all of their pieces. Their modern twists to classic and cool staples is definitely one to watch.

*Photos from Google, WWD and gettyimages.

I dream to, one day, attend the New York Fashion Week or be a pioneer of something with fashion shows. 

God bless! Keep safe in the snow, for those hit by the snowstorms!

Adventures await!

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