To 2015

1/07/2015 Koleen Hernandez 0 Comments

Happy New Year, everyone!
(Yes, I know I'm like 7 days late. But anyhoots,..)
Every year that passes by just makes me so excited for a fresh, new year and fresh, new discoveries I will make about God's plan for my life. 
It's been a pretty long year and I've accomplished and grown so much. I've grown bonds with so many people and I couldn't be happier. Towards the second half of 2014, I found myself being more jolly and happy than I usually am. God has definitely blessed me. He always has and I will be forever grateful for His works in my life. 
There were definitely moments in 2014 where I just didn't want to relive or even remember, but I'm glad that I went through all of those moments. I've definitely grown so much.

Now, to 2015. 
Oh, you know how I feel about 2015. #ClassOf2015
I'm graduating high school! 
There are so many things happening this year and I just know that it'd be my favorite year. Spring Musical Legally Blonde, Germany/Prague trip, Senior Prom, High School Graduation, National Youth Camp, Youth/Family Camp, College, living in New York City. 
Those are just the planned ones. What more, the unplanned ones. 
I am beyond thrilled. Especially knowing that I'll be going through it with my family, friends and a special bear. 
It's also a pretty nerve-wrecking year, since I'll be living without my family by September. Committing to a college is pretty crazy too. All that pressure on you. 

Here's to 2015.
To all the good times and bad.
To all the laughter and tears.
To all the love we'll give and receive. 
To all the expected and unexpected events. 

"For I know the plans I have for you. 
Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.
Plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

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