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Goin' upppp on a Tuesday. ;)

(See what I did there? My Updates on a Tuesday night?)

Well, I haven't been blogging for the past few months. Senior Year has just been very, very busy and stressful. Recently, my school's Fall Drama, The Laramie Project, was performed and it was amazing. I was the head of the costumes and I'm very proud to have been in that cast and crew family. Being in the school's theater department is definitely one of the highlights of my high school life here. 
Speaking of high school life, I have 120 more days of being in high school. That's really weird but, at the same time, I'm also rather excited for the college chapter of my life. I submitted all of my college applications already and I'm grateful for 2 acceptances so far! What I'm sure of, as of now, is that I'm gonna be studying in New York City for my Bachelor's Degree for Fashion Merchandising. 

Dream big. 

Having gone through this whole career choosing process, I've definitely taken more risks in dreaming big. I'm applying for a Fashion Merchandising Major. I've applied to 3 schools in New York City, one of which is the Fashion Institute of Technology. FIT is the nation's best fashion college, I must add. It would be a dream come true if I do get in, but I'll be grateful no matter what. 
I've always been a dreamer, ever since I was little. Everything I'm doing now just validates that and solidifies my journey towards them. It's true, though. You gotta dream big. My dad always tells me so. No matter what limitations we may have now, never let those limitations overshadow God's favor. He will provide and He does have a plan for you and for me. 

I recently went Black Friday shopping, scoring two items I've been eyeing on. I finally have a new bag and I only got it for $15, from the original price of $40. This wonderful purple and beige bag is from Call It Spring. The second item, woohoo, is a metallic statement necklace, which I have been desiring for the longest time. I follow @dylanlex on Instagram and the necklaces they sell are just amazing. I'm a sucker for statement necklaces, if you can't tell. I currently have six big statement necklaces. I have to thank the person who got this for me, shoutout to you ;)

I've been generally happy with everything going on in my life. I'm so ecstatic for the new year (graduating year 2015!). It's my second Christmas here in America and I'm excited to celebrate it with the people I love here, of course missing my families and friends in the Philippines and in Singapore.  I'm excited for this year's snow too, not so much on the harsh cold. Oh, iGen is caroling for the every Sunday in December. We're pretty entertaining and I promise you that we'll leave a smile on your face :) We're gonna be singing songs, presenting Spoken Words and, especially, sharing the true reason for the season. We'll be sharing God's great love and joy, so do sign up! 
I won't promise many blog posts this season. The weather kinda prohibits me from doing so, however, I will try indoor ones (?), maybe. 

iGen Caroling 2014

Have a lovely December, Christmas and New Year! 

Top: Forever 21 (My sister's)
Purple and Beige Bag: Call It Spring
Jeggings: UNIQLO
Black heeled boots: Vera Wang (Mommy's shoes)

God bless!

Adventures Await! 

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