"A Week in the Life of A Merchant"

7/05/2014 Koleen Hernandez 0 Comments

Dover Street. Different designer/brand labels in every floor. Art and Fashion meet. Looks so much like a showroom. Target customers: A-listers/Elite/High end . 'Twas amazing to have been there. 

New York City. 
4-day Precollege Workshop at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). 
FIT: One of the best fashion schools in the world.

I feel so blessed and grateful for this amazing experience. Don't even get me started on my trip. 
My professor in this class, Prof Robin Sackin, is also the chairperson of the Fashion Merchandising Marketing Department, so I'll definitely keep in touch with her. She's such an amazing teacher and a great, humorous person. Every professor in FIT has had a lot of experience in the industry, which is one of their prides. (My dream school, really. Plus, it's in the heart of Manhattan and in Fashion Avenue.) Everyone in my class were very friendly and kind-hearted too. I really enjoyed all of them, making many friends from different parts of America and, even, Panama.

I had the opportunity to meet the head of E-Commerce in Karen Kane's New York headquarters, Ashly. She's also an FIT graduate, who has gotten several scholarships for Fashion Merchandising. Ashly talked to us about how FIT helped her in her career path, what she does and how important networking is. People in the fashion industry constantly change locations and positions, so you'll never know what a person may be a year from now. Which is why it's important to make connections, especially with the professors in FIT since they can always help you out and get your name out there in the Fashion world. 

I was even more honored to meet David Wolfe, one of the best Fashion Forecasters to date. He's currently working on the trends for Fall of 2016. Isn't that amazing? He's working on a line 2 years from now. He's very humble, friendly and down-to-earth, as well. He talked about current Fashion going into two very different directions and how Fashion is hand-in-hand with Technology now.

I could go on and on about the things I've learnt; deeper knowledge into Merchandising, Fashion Shows (watching around a total of 8 fashion shows), Marketing strategies, Showrooms. (I drank a lot of Starbucks this week too. NYC has them on every street, plus FIT has its private Starbucks stand. *obsession*) 
I'm currently writing a detailed description of everything we did for the 4 days; the lectures and field trips. I wouldn't want to forget everything I've learnt and experienced. 
I also got to navigate New York City and I'm telling you, I can navigate around Manhattan now. 
The chaos of Manhattan soon became something I miss dearly, now that I'm back in New Jersey. 

I'm coming back for you, New York City and FIT. 

Adventures await! 

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