Bridging Warmth with Style

2/25/2016 Koleen Hernandez 0 Comments

The Williamsburg Bridge is a popular jogging location for the Lower East Side. As I came across this bridge, I realized how this outfit sort of fits the scene, without being too sporty. 

I copped these Nike Pegasus at the brink of the holiday season last year. Using the color palette of the shoes, I matched them with my long sleeve top, layered under my black turtleneck and the hat was added as an embellishment that ties the whole ensemble together.

Primark - Turtleneck (similar here) ll H&M - Longsleeve ll Styledasher - Culottes ll American Eagle Outfitters - Hat (similar here) ll Nike - Pegasus

 Photo Credits: Eva Zhou
Edited by: Jeru Sanchez 

God bless!
Adventures Await!

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