Street Strut

9/24/2015 Koleen Hernandez 0 Comments

Happy 1 month of living here!

Exploring the streets of New York has been nothing short of interesting. I walk almost everywhere, no matter how far. Let's face it, $2.75 for one subway trip is rather pricey. But, that's just me. Besides, I'm also taking advantage of any walking I can do before the winter comes, because winter in the city spares no one. 

Of course, daily adventures. I have to impart my explorations with you. I have way too many to fit in this one post. So, I'll be posting another Update blog post very soon, compiling many of the things I've been up to (like the fashion show I've been to)! (I'm also more up to date on Instagram, so do follow me there!) 

These photos were taken a few weeks back. I've probably over-used these harem pants, but they're just so versatile! A classic black and white with a statement necklace. Both my top and bottoms are slightly loose and carefree, creating this silhouette that I've grown to love. Finishing it off with classic black boots is just classic, because I haven't said 'classic' enough. 

White Top: Sister's Closet // Harem Pants: H&M // Boots: Mommy's // Necklace: Forever 21

*If you guys remember Jeru Sanchez, my photographer, from my other post, two of his photos were recently added to VSCO's Say Hello collection ( )! I am so proud of him and all of you should spot two of his photos! He has also been given honors by VSCO for several other photos, so a very big congratulations to this talented man.

Also, if anyone has seen it, freak out with me. The Fendi 2016 Fashion Show held in Milan has to be one of the best fashion lines this season. The way Karl Lagerfield worked with the silhouettes and played around with it pushes women to go beyond the outside of their box and creating something beautiful. They're all very wearable too! I would wear any of those pieces tomorrow (if only I could afford them). 

Also, also, I missed André Leon Talley's book signing at Rizzoli (my favorite bookstore in the city). I didn't even know until the day after, (tears). If anyone has the time to stop buy, Rizzoli is on 5th Ave. It's so beautiful in there and I found lovely books.

Behind the scenes, living in New York City also has taken a big toll on me, emotionally and in my faith. I've been posting all of the good stuff, but there are scenes behind all of the happy scenes. I'd just like to encourage you. To those who aren't happy with where they are, or to those who are struggling with where they are. The Lord brought you there and He has been there before bringing you. Think about that and enjoy this lovely view of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

God bless!

Adventures Await!

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