Checkered & Changes

6/25/2013 Koleen Hernandez 0 Comments

Well, today we didn't do anything much. A bit of driving and a bit of unsuccessful house hunting.
The title might seem a bit queer, ahahah. 'Checkered' for my checkered polo and 'Changes' for upcoming changes to my blog.

Credits to my sister for being my photographer and 'hair stylist' .

You want some, don't ya?

My naturally crazy hair

So, I held a mini photo shoot (thanks to my sister!). I was motivated to do so, heehee! 

As you all may have noticed or heard from me, I did a make over of the blog's layout. Woop, wooooop! 
Change is good, right? I like change, once in a while. 
So, to spice it up a bit, I'm gonna have outfit posts and mini photo shoots more (like this blog post).
I'll try my very best! Ahahah, oh and I'll be placing my polyvore ensembles on the blog's Instagram, @ensemblebykh . 

I'm not sure if you guys understand but anywaysssss, you'll see some changes and I hope you'll like (?) the change. 
Since I've had a change in environment and country, why not have some changes here too. Ahahha, change is good, right? It keeps things interesting. 

Checkered polo from H&M (sale for only $10!) ; Black leggings from Cotton On;
Maroon TOMS; my tempting Lays

Wheeeee, thanks for dropping by! 
Have a great week ahead! 

God bless! 

P.S. I encountered 2 rabbits in this whole photoshoot procedure, ahaha. There are many squirrels, bunnies and fireflies (at night)! Too cool!

P.S.S. I'll be posting my recently made ensembles after every blog post. *down below*

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