Falling Leaves, Bare trees

11/17/2013 Koleen Hernandez 0 Comments

No words can express how beautiful this place is. The falling leaves, the barren trees. I've probably said this a million times but I wish I can just take the beauty and grasp that in a picture. I can't help but get out of the car and try to capture the essence of fall. The trees are so dull yet oh, so beautiful. I'm in awe of how they manage to do that.

Foray; Venture into the unknown

These pictures were taken by my amazing photographer daddy, who has taught me everything about ISO, aperture and such, ahahah. It seemed like such an adventure, fairy tale-like forest. This was taken just behind our church. It was too beautiful to pass up. Every week, this forest looked different. Amazing.

Lately, I've been feeling so much genuine joy. From all the amazing happenings, events, the people here. I'm so grateful. So grateful to be experiencing all of this, which some only dream of. I will never stop being grateful for this amazing path the Lord has led me to. Who would've ever imagined that I'd be experiencing this? Or experiencing the drastically cold weather? (Thankfully, it was the perfect weather today. I had no coat, whatsoever, a haha.)

Drama in the picture

I'm wearing a chiffon floral top, black pants and *drum roll please* my new black boots with steel whatever on the toe part, ahahah. They're from Forever 21, thanks a bajillion to my sister who bought them for me. Sadly, in the process of taking this photoshoot, it acquired some scratches, but meh it was worth it. Ahhaha.

This has been one of my best photoshoots, I must say. Thanks to the forest and my amazing dad. 

Thanksgiving is coming up and I cannot wait for that 5 day break! We're planning to head to Philadelphia! Excited for all the plans ahead. In addition, Black Fridayyyy! 

God bless!

Adventures await!

P.S. Continue to pray for the Yolanda victims. It's so saddening to see my country go through this but I know that God has a plan. Filipinos, just trust in Him. He has a plan. Turn to Him. 

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