Because I Love getting Lost

3/15/2014 Koleen Hernandez 0 Comments

"Getting lost was her 
way of 
finding herself."

Call me crazy but I hate being indoors too much. It drives me crazy. 
It drives me very depressed too. Going out is a way for me to relax, even when I'm all alone.

And that was exactly what I did today. 
My parents dropped me off in Downtown Hopewell. I've always wanted to take a stroll in this place because it was just so antique and distinctly, authentic American. 

All I had on me was my film camera, 2 rolls of film and a few necessities.
I was walking around, getting lost, going in a few antique stores, ate in a tea place. 

I loved every single second of being by myself because, let's face it, we all need time to ourselves once in a while. I needed the serenity of getting lost. 

The only time I spoke was when friendly people walked by and greeted me, which was lovely. 

I took several shots with my film camera and then, I sat, waiting for my parents. The strong breeze was bearable and, for the first time, I loved the sun and the heat it was giving. 

My parents came and we held a short photo shoot, trying to ignore all the pedestrians and the cars. 
I very much enjoyed today. 

Photo Cr: Daddy

Black top:   Basic necessities I find in my closet
High waisted shorts (love!):  Forever 21
Red tights:  Old Navy
Steel Toe Boots:  Forever 21
Shades & Leather Bag:   Sister, love.

Oh! And yesterday, my dad and I went for a college visit to Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).
I just fell in love with everything, and I'd most probably get lost. It's huge and right in the heart of Manhattan. It's my dream college and I'm gonna work my butt off to get in, God-willing.

Recently, a very successful Grease! the musical happened. All our handwork paid off after we received a FULL HOUSE during the last show. I love each and every one of the people involved. Can't trade that for the world.

I apologize for not being active in blogging recently. I've been so busy. However, I'm not that busy nowadays and the weather is warming up. Spring is around the corner and photo shoots are definitely foreseen. 

God bless, everyone!

Adventures await! Hopefully, in much warmer conditions.

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