FIT, finally

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The time has finally come. I'm officially a student at FIT, officially a resident of Alumni Hall. I hear the hustle and bustle of New York City as I write this post. Pretty amazing.

Moving in was pretty crazy, but I love how my parents are just so supportive. I also am in love with my dorm room and I couldn't be happier with my roommates. It's so spacious, unlike many of the dorm stories I've heard from other college students. I'm pretty satisfied with mine. Note: Room is still in progress with its decor. I'm planning to keep adding decor as the months go by!

Orientation week came to a close and I survived my first week of FIT classes. It went by so fast and I feel ready to start my new chapter here.
But that has been me for the past few days. Orientation and meeting new people and getting to know the city. Still breaking my shell and adjusting, but I'm so grateful for this. I'm planning to work very, very hard. Professors seem very promising. They've all had many years of experience in the unique industry of fashion and I'm ready to learn from their wisdom. Classes had a pretty good sum of work load already and I can feel my engines starting up again. I am so ready to seize this semester.

Living in a city would be such a waste without a little exploring. I'm still getting the feel of being in the city, but soon enough, I'd be going on more adventures. Everyone who lives here has a few or a couple of New York City Stories, and I'm actually really interested in compiling a few of those stories of my own. There are so many crazy and bizarre things that happen in this city, so.

Japanese Tacos
Los Tacos No.1 

So far, I've been on many food trips, like Los Tacos No.1 at Chelsea Market (highly highly recommended), Japanese Tacos at Urban Space Eats at Madison Square Park (so so so good), Turkish food, Amorino's floral gelato. I've also been to the Chelsea Market, the High Line, the Metropolitan Museum, Central Park. There are small, cute shops that I've been visiting too.
On the flip side of all that eating and exploring, I've actually been very strict with my budget. Books are expensive. Grocery and necessities are part of your to-buy now. It's pretty costly to live here and I've been limiting the number of times I eat out, or shop. (Although I treated myself to a Zara dress on sale the other day. Birthday gift for myself, possibly?)


This is Fitsea, my succulent. Here to commemorate the start of my college career. (And it's also really pretty. I water it in the morning when I wake up, as I look out the window. Very dramatic, ahahha.

Here's to a new chapter at FIT, finally.

Crazy NYC Adventures Await!

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