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8/18/2015 Koleen Hernandez 0 Comments

We went to explore the not-so-tourist spots of New York City on Monday, braving through the record heat. East Village, Brooklyn Bridge. Probably walked at least five thousand steps, ate pho at koreatown, went in Zara, H&M, etc., visited several thrift stores, ate at Sundaes & Cones, survived the heat in the city, visited the Brooklyn Bridge. 

This is my last week with this bunch, all of us together. College is creeping up and I don't think I'm ready yet. (While my friends and I were hanging out in East Village, my mom came home from work that day and bought small necessities I needed for my dorm, along with light packing. She was tearing up.) The excitement and nervousness altogether, gosh. Move in is a few days away and the city's gonna be my new home. Nearing the beginning of a new chapter, a pretty amazing chapter. 

Top: H&M Basics  //  Camel Culottes: H&M  //  Wood Earrings: Sister's Stack of earrings  //  Sandals: American Eagle  //  Bag: Bass

My wardrobe consists of many earthy and camel colors, and black, and white. I've been very into it lately and it works well with my skin tone too. H&M has definitely been stepping up its game. I saw their visual displays in New York that day and I was pretty impressed. A recent article also showed how their sales upped by 16%, so kudos to you, H&M

This is Jeru Sanchez. He has been my photographer for my past few blog posts and for many of our friends' outings. He is very gifted and talented in what he does in film and photography. He just started and he has already had two VSCO Honors. I just wanna thank him for his patience when I don't know how to pose (aka all the time). He's so passionate in what he does and the quality that he produces, as well as his integrity and amazing character. Very excited for this one as he starts his photography career this fall! 

Moving to Manhattan and FIT in a few days!
Youth Sunday preparations on its way.
God bless! God is so good!

Adventure awaits!

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