Summer Sun

6/09/2015 Koleen Hernandez 0 Comments

Summer 2015 is finally here! Cheers to the late night drives, sun-kissed skin, beach adventures and everything of that sort. 
And it's also almost time to bid goodbye to High School and a hello to College life. 

A sunny Sunday and I decided to wear my green leather dress from the Zara back in Leipzig, Germany. Throwing it back to my Germany and Prague trip (Pictures here: ). 

This dress is just one of a kind. How many people on the streets wear a full on leather dress? It was the perfect buy from a European country. I paired this with a statement necklace, just to add a little twist, and I wore my new brown sun hat, which my lovely sister bought for me. 

I'm about a week away from being a High School graduate (graduation on June 18th). I'm just beyond excited to finally close this chapter and start a new chapter in college. I'm also really excited to write my graduation blog post. Let's not get teary-eyed there, because I just might. Anyhoots, enjoy your last few days of high school because summer starts! (Inconveniently, I became terribly sick yesterday and I had to be absent from school today. And there's only 3 days left now, urghhh)

Leather Dress: Zara // Statement Necklace : Forever 21 // Hat: American Eagle Outfitters // Sandals: American Eagle Outfitters // Bronze bangle: Flea Market 

Have yourself a lovely start of the summer!

God bless!

And, of course, 
Adventures Await!

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