New York Christmas!

12/31/2013 Koleen Hernandez 0 Comments

(2nd time in New York- Times Square!)

We went on the 30th of December (a day away from the famous ball drop). Times Square was literally packed with people. You had to squeeze your way in the crowds. Plus, it was unbearably cold. My hands were freezing and numb, although I had gloves on. However, thank God I survived that. 

We travelled from Plainsboro to Journal Square, where we parked. Then, we took the train to 33rd St. The train ride was all too familiar. It was somewhat like Singapore, even the feel. The only differences were the type of people and the train was a bit smaller. The train stations weren't as advanced either, but I loved it anyways. (A photoshoot there would be niiiiice.) It had this old subway feel. It kinda reminded me of the first scene in the second movie of Narnia. 

I love the city. I love the chaos, I guess that's what I get for living in busy Manila/ Makati/ Paranaque and small crowded Singapore. Both of those are city places and it's a big change to live in the suburban, relaxed New Jersey. New York at night is definitely something else, I must say. A city that never sleeps. At first, it can be a bit scary or intimidating. So many people, so many streets. However, I think I'd get used to that place. It's just a dream to go to a Fashion College there. My dad told me that I'd definitely adjust quickly there since I practically grew up in the city too. I miss all the walking and all the public transportation, like Singapore. 

We walked through the cold and pushed through just to see the crowded Rockefeller Tree. It was huge for a real tree, which included a thousand Christmas lights. While walking, I also saw the Empire State Building with its top lit up with green and red lights.

Afterwards, we visited WIN-New York and ate dinner. If, God-willing, I went to a Fashion College in New York, I already had a church to go to and serve in. I'm really hoping and praying that that dream of mine would come true. It's just a dream to be able to.

Happy New Year toooo! 2013 has come and gone. It has been a whirlwind year that I will never forget. It seemed like such a short year and I'm grateful for every single thing that has happened. I'm all the more excited and ecstatic for 2014. I have so many things to look forward too. 
Have a great New Year's Eve and God bless in the new year to come.

Adventures Await! 2014 here I come. 

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