Adidas Tubs

5/01/2016 Koleen Hernandez 0 Comments

Introducing Tubs

Long walks around Soho have been perfect, especially with these Adidas Tubulars. 

Comfort and walkability are a few of Tubs' natural traits. 

I guess you could assume that you'll be seeing Tubs a lot this season.

Wearing: H&M - Top || Urban Outfitters - Wrap Skirt (similar) || Adidas - Shoes || Urban Outfitters - Sunglasses

Oddly enough, not being on my blogging grind has made me restless. It's been so routinely for me that I found it odd when I had no time in my hands to do it. Work and projects have gotten too much to juggle (my head is about to explode). But, I have just two more weeks before I'm done with my first year at the Fashion Institute.

Photo Credits: Eva Zhou
Editing Credits: Jeru Sanchez

God bless, everyone!

Adventures Await! 

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