Wave After Wave

6/06/2016 Koleen Hernandez 0 Comments

The crash on the shore, the salt in the air. I fall in love with the sound of the waves over and over again. The feeling of sand beneath my feet marks summer for me, marks the time for laughter and get-togethers. 

Wave after wave, I can't help but anticipate the next one. Just keep your hands up, feel the wind in your hair.

I haven't been able to rise to the surface, submerged by everything that's been going on recently; moved back to my jersey home, started my first internship at a product development company, devoted a lot of my time to a scholarship case study, spending time with friends I've missed dearly. On this day, I released all the movements I've been holding back on. It's my haven; creating these shoots. 

Demin Jacket - Signal Jeanswear (similar) || Top - Sabo Skirt || Pants - (From my sweet sweet dear friend Alisa who went to Thailand and brought home these pants for me) 

Photography & Editing by Jeru Sanchez.

Adventures Await!

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